Rabe Consulting

Striving for a sustainable community through educational, economic and environmental improvement

Water and Waterways

Water and Waterways in Klamath FallsWater is vital to the communities of the American West. Rabe Consulting works with the local communities to solve issues regarding limited water supplies, water quality, wetland impacts, riparian management, and fish habitat.

Storm Water Permits (NPDES)

Storm Water Permits in Klamath FallsStormwater Permits (NPDES) and Water Quality: Rabe Consulting works with developers, dairies, agricultural producers and municipalities to improve water and be in compliance with stormwater runoff water quality thresholds. This is accomplished through seasonal monitoring, modeling, and sample analysis.

Watershed Assessments

Watershed Assessments in Klamath FallsRabe Consulting uses an integrated approach to watershed and lake assessments, working with all stakeholders. Stakeholders may include landowners, local businesses, agencies and other special interest groups. By hearing from different viewpoints, Rabe Consulting produces documents summarizing watershed and lake conditions, issues, management constraints and improvement opportunities. Local communities can use these documents to move forward on improving the quality of their watersheds and local areas.

Waterway Lease and Retirement

Waterway Lease and Retirement in Klamath FallsRabe Consulting is facilitating water leasing and irrigation retirement for 30,000 acre feet of irrigation water. This will allow agricultural landowners to be in compliance with Upper Klamath Off-Project Settlement Agreement. Rabe Consulting Staff are working to achieve reasonable prices for the landowners and to inform landowners of their options, so the landowners can make sound decisions for their agricultural operations with the Upper Klamath Basin. Once the landowner makes a decision to retire irrigation water, Rabe Consulting will facilitate the paperwork process of filing with Oregon Water Resource Department and the funder.